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So many stories to discover about self-regulation and well-being!

The free Boukili application introduces children to enriching and illustrated stories as they learn to read!

During their first school year in Ontario, children will learn in accordance to the four sections of the Kindergarten Program. Here are a few stories that reflect the essential learnings under the heading of self-regulation and well-being. Enjoy your read!

Vive le brocoli |  Cléo hates veggies, especially broccoli. But Dad thinks he knows how to change her mind.

L’amitié c’est précieux | Lorenzo borrowed Lili’s necklace without asking. Lorenzo will discover the importance of friendship.

Je peux le faire toute seule | Discover what Miss Topé can do on her own.

Lexie se prépare pour l’école | In this story, Lexie explains her morning routine as she prepares for school.

Suggested User Guide

  • Open the Boukili application with your child.
  • Ask your child to select one of the aforementioned books. It will reinforce his or her self-confidence and motivation.
  • Draw his or her attention to the pictures that support the narrative.
  • Encourage your child to follow along with a finger.
  • After reading, help your child understand the questions and answers of the quiz.

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