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Rencontrer un arbre

The environment

Duration 3:18

Charlie and his friends explore nature in the ravine. Here they play Meet a Tree.

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Trees are very important for the environment! They contribute to the balance in nature and create the oxygen we need to breathe. You could say that trees are our friends and we should take good care of them! Did you know that there are many different kinds of trees? Some trees only exist in certain places, because they need a particular climate to grow. Are there any trees near you? Where are the trees closest to your house? When you are near a tree, look at it carefully. What do you notice? Is it big and large, or small and slim? Can you walk around the tree with both arms and give it a hug? Is the bark of the tree smooth or rough to the touch? Do you know the name of the tree species? Does the tree have foliage? What does the foliage look like?

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