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Mini TFO – Les lettres à modeler: A

The alphabet

Duration 1:29

In this series, Josée, Louis and Lexie have fun making playdough letters, putting their fine motor skills into practice, as well as recognizing the letters of the alphabet. Each episode features a different letter and invites the child to reproduce this letter using clay or another manipulation tool.

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After watching the video, using modeling clay, sand, snow, wool, or other malleable materials, create a letter A! Do you know what French words begin with the letter A? “Avion”, “alligator”, “ananas”, “arbre”… Are there any other words? Choose a word that begins with the letter A and create it using your materials. You can use this activity as inspiration to create your own full name in clay, using the other videos in the “Les lettres à modeler” series.

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