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Les nouveaux vieux souliers de Lexie


Duration 7:00

Lexie learns to be creative in refreshing old shoes rather than buying new ones.

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Reusing, overcycling or donating things we no longer need is the best thing to do! It allows us to be eco-responsible citizens and helps people who need it! Lexie chooses to overcycle or “give a new life” to her shoes instead of buying new ones. Items such as shoes, clothing, furniture and even toys can be reused, upcycled or donated! Do you have things at home that you can reuse or upcycle? With a parent’s permission and help, give an item at home a new life. For example, decorate old shoes, use a t-shirt for tie-dye, repaint a small piece of furniture or something else. Don’t have anything to reuse or upcycle? Choose 1 to 5 objects to donate to people in need!

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