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Getting to school and leaving, including transportation and daycare

Arrival and departure at the school may vary depending on the family. Methods may change from morning to evening. Some children will take the bus or a school cab, others will go to daycare and some will arrive at school on foot, on their bike or even from home or a babysitter’s house.

School Bus or Taxi

For children who ride the school bus or cab, be sure to teach your child how to recognize their bus or cab. Most schools number and identify buses and cabs by route. There will be a specific one for your child. Teach your child to recognize the numbers or symbols for their bus or cab.


For children who go to daycare, there will also be a separate way to determine which group the child belongs to and there will be an educator assigned to their group. Take the time to get to know the name of the group and the educator who will be caring for your child. Keep in mind that sometimes the educator of the group is different in the morning and in the evening, and that, sometimes, there are substitutions in the groups. The group identifier is therefore also important.

Children walking or being dropped off and picked up at school will have designated areas at the beginning and end of the day. Children may also have specific identifiers to remind them where to go.

Varied travel

Some children will have a variety of traveling methods, i.e. they may take the bus in the morning and go to daycare in the evening, or vice versa! It’s important to remind these children of what method they will be taking and when, and then remind them often, especially in the weeks before school starts and for a few weeks afterwards, so that they remember.

Safety aspect

A quick safety tip: it is very important that you discuss with your child the importance of staying on school grounds until picked up or leaving safely, e.g., with a trusted adult, by bus, etc. This is crucial, especially for children who live near the school or who may have relatives or friends who live nearby. For some, this distance may seem comforting and they may wish to go home or to a grandparent’s house on their own. When talking with your children, remind them that they can only leave school safely. So if the child takes the bus, talk to him or her about riding the bus to meet someone at the bus stop so that he or she can get home. For children going to daycare, remind the child that there are people authorized to pick him or her up and that the group leader will make sure he or she leaves with the right person. Also remind children that if they are unsure, they should speak to a school or daycare staff member to make them feel safe.

While your children continue to learn, rest assured that they will be guided by a trusted adult to their afternoon departure point and that there are measures in place by schools and daycares to ensure the safety and well-being of each child. In the mornings, they will also be greeted at school by trusted adults. Then, at the sound of the bell, they will be guided to their rooms for their day of learning.

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